Hello everyone!

I would like to welcome you to Huracan Chapter’s Official Website. Now I know it has been a while our chapter has had a website, but do not be frightened I am sure that Skyler and Ryan under the guidance of Mr. Simkins have done a fantastic job. This is a major accomplishment for our chapter because for the past FIVE years this site has laid dormant, but now we do again, in the age of the coronavirus, have an updated and ready to go the website for the 2020 – 2021 event year.

Current Chapter Chief
Current Chapter Chief: Peter Fox

Now I know this is a great deal to take in, but this is really happening. As of October of 2020, our chapter has … a functioning and easily navigable website! I am telling you we have some relatively snazzy stuff we are dealing with right here:

We have a home page with my welcome letter to you (this is it)!

There is an about us where if you want to you can see pictures of our recent events and snag a second or two to read the captions. There are also some direct quotes from our lodge page (limited to our Lodge history and the goals of our Order), and a little snippet explaining why we are the best chapter in Tipisa Lodge, even though our King’s cup may not show it.

The Calendar almost directly imported from the Lodge Website (tipisa.org), is free for you to access, and will hold not only the lodge calendar, but special chapter events as well.

A newsletter written by our very own Ryan Gross is also available every month for free, you will also receive via a chapter-wide email at the beginning of each month starting in October. Plus, if you are really into that, check out past editions at the bottom of the Newsletter tab’s page.

Our recourses page hosts several important website links plus some radical social media pages you should definitely look in to. It also has one of the most important links to our Lodge website where you can find a more generalized view of what is on this website.

Anyways, if upon searching through all of those tabs you still haven’t found what you’re looking for (really you too), visit the Contact us page. On which you will find the best pictures of our chapter officers and advisers (and yes my picture is on there), as well as their contact information, but if you are unsure of which one to contact (there are many options) please email huracan@tipisa.org

Thank you for the time you have dedicated to reading my lengthy introduction tour new website, but it really is a big deal,

Peter Fox
Huracan Chapter Chief
ORDER OF THE ARROW Huracan Chapter, Tipisa Lodge #326, Section 4