Many thanks to Jonathan, Bob, and Matt for participating in taking part of the service weekend in the first week of summer camp. They cooked over one thousand hamburgers and hotdogs!

Thank you to all who showed up at Spring Conclave. It was another successful year because of you brothers. We won the Quest of the Golden Arrow, and Kings cup. We got 1st place in Lodge Ball, Power Zap, and Minefield. Our 2nd place award was in the Zombie Target Practice. Then last but not least in 3rd place we won the Website Competition, and the Great Escape. Overall we won a lot of awards.

Thanks to Leland, Marcus, Dalton, Logan, Ric, Bob, Don, and everybody else that showed up to staff at TNAW. We thank you for the help that you provided and made it another successful year at TNAW.

Thank you to Dalton, Logan, Laurie, Jared and everyone else who helped out at the University of Scouting for supporting Huracan and helping out at lunch. We had a great review because of everyone who participated.